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Planting Seedlings

Nursery Seedlings are grown indoors and are “soft” therefore need to be “hardened off” before planting into the garden or on a farm. Read more

Ginger Cultural Practices

There are many different ways of growing ginger. the grower should know

of Ginger, its preference and ideal condition for growing and producing.

Growing Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a member of the family which includes melons and squashes. These species of plants like a warm soil.

How to grow Basil

Basil is easy to grow as it easily adapts to different soil types and water conditions.


Make Eating Jamaican a Way of Life - Clarke

KINGSTON:Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Hon Roger Clarke is calling upon all Jamaicans to make eating more local foodstuff and produce. - See more at

Cut Interest Rates on Agricultural Loans - Hayles- JIS State Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Ian Hayles, is appealing to the banking sector to offer more low interest loans to farmers as a means of boosting agricultural productivity. “At the end of every financial year, the banks will tell you that ‘we made $10 billion in profit, we made $12 billion in profit’. I am appealing to the banks…put away $200 million to $300 million of that money yearly and offer the farmers...MORE

CEATA Helping to Transform Agriculture in the Region- JISThe Centre of Excellence for Advanced Technology in Agriculture (CEATA) is breathing new life into the agricultural sector of Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. Funded by the Spanish Government, and operating out of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, CEATA is a regional initiative, . ...MORE

Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke announces plans to put 510 acres of land into turmeric and ginger production -MOA

KINGSTON - The Hon. Roger Clarke, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister has announced plans for the expansion of turmeric and ginger production; markets he believes are ...MORE

Fighting The Berry Borer Infestation- Ja. Gleaner

THE COFFEE Industry Board (CIB) is stepping up its fight against berry borer (Hypothenemus hampei) infestation with the help of a fungus (Beauveria bassiana), a natural enemy of the borer...MORE

Unsung Heroines-Women in Agriculture - Ja. Gleaner

The role of Jamaican women in agriculture over the years has, for the most part, gone largely undocumented and unrecognised, despite their significant and long-standing contribution to the sector.....MORE

Hayles Commends Portland Farmers On Innovativeness - Ja. Gleaner

STATE MINISTER in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ian Hayles, has commended various entrepreneurs and agro-processors in Portland who are engaged in the conversion of primary products into value-added ones.. MORE

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